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VPT | Duotransporter

VPT | Duotransporter


The VPD Dual Conveyor is ideal for handling a wide range of vegetables. Two or three elevators can be connected through an articulated joint to make a combined conveying unit. The VPD Duotransporter can cooperate with equipment designed to put crop into piles. It is a perfect solution for dealing with crop storage.

Depending on the kind of handling, we use PVC belts (fitted in transporters equipped with side guards, running on a flat surface) or rubber belts (fitted in transporters without side guards, working in a basin).

Electrical drives with independent speed regulation for each elevator (variable-speed transmission units) or, optionally, adjustable-speed drives for all elevators (inverter). The working height can be regulated by a transmission; the undercarriage is mounted on wheels.


model   VPT-680 VPT-6100
conveyor’s length [mm] 8000 10000
conveyor’s width [mm] 600 600
charge height (min/max) [mm] 1000 / 1150 920 / 1250
discharge height (min/max) [mm] 570 / 1150 570 / 1250
working speed [m / min] 30 / 60 30 / 60
installed capacity [kW] 3,6 3,6