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PLS | Semi-Automatic Palletizer

PLS | Semi-Automatic Palletizer



Personnel working on the operation platform collect bags off the feeding carrier and put them in the palletising chamber onto stacked pallets - after putting each layer of bags, a worker turns on the elevator to position the platform on a level ensuring the most efficient and comfortable working conditions.

When one of the chambers is filled up, the personnel moves the feeding carrier to another chamber and resumes palletising. In the meantime, the filled-up chamber door opens and the side wall moves aside, making space for a fork-lift operator to collect the pallet without a risk of collision. 


  • materials: S235JR/RAL7015 steel
  • manual mode - all operations initiated by the personnel

PRO model

  • materials: A304 acid resistant steel
  • automated operation mode - the operation is controlled by a set of sensors and a controller


model   PLS-250
no. of palletising chambers                  [items] 2
working width (after opening)      [mm] 3200 (4000)
overall height [mm] 2500
overall length [mm] 7800
length of palletising module [mm] 2850
feeding carrier               [mm] 500x5000
installed capacity                           [kW] 3,55