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ST | Web Grader

ST | Web Grader


Machine designed for calibration of vegetables and potatoes. Raw material that is smaller than the size of holes in the belt falls to a crosswise receiving conveyor, whereas larger raw material is transported further. Central part of the device contains an eccentric tamping machine under the sorting belt. In front of the propelling drum of the sorting belt there is a special active "pusher" for jammed raw material.

Application of a mechanical pin in the sorting belt enables its quick replacement, while the size of the holes in the belt may be adapted to individual needs.

The standard version possesses 0/1 engine switches withoverload protection. All engines are equipped with mechanical speed regulation - variator.

The device moves on wheels.

Modular construction makes it possible to combine sorters into a calibrating set.

Optional preparation and fittings:

  • entirely INOX
  • control gear for a combination system (2-3 calibrators working in a set)


Type   ST-920 ST-1220
length [mm] 2000 2000
width of the sorting belt  [mm] 900 1200
mesh of the sorting belt (standard) [mm] 40x40 45x45
receiving belt conveyor [mm] 800x2000 800x2000
max productivity [t/h] 7 10
installed power [kW] 1,29 1,29