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OBM2 | Carrot Topper

OBM2 | Carrot Topper


The OBM2 carrot topper is a triple-conveyor version offering automated topping and tailing.  The carrots are fed onto the middle the belt conveyor, from where they are fed by hand between the drivers located on side belts. The raw material conveyor belt is raised above the belts of the cutting sections. Then the carrots are topped and tailed by a set of rotary disc knives. The OBM2 carrot topper features two cutting sections and a raw material transportation system for topping and tailing. The length of topping can be adjusted.

Next, the produce is transported for further processing e.g. onto a two-way conveyor, from where it gets into pallet containers. The cut off parts are carried away on a waste-material conveyor into appropriate containers. The personnel work stations are located on platforms to ensure maximum work safety.


  • automated operation of the additional conveyors (out-feed and waste-material)  – the working direction changes after a pallet container is filled up
  • recycling system of unprocessed produce – conveyors carrying the carrots back for topping and tailing
  • the whole construction is made of acid resistant steel


model   OBM-12.T3.P1 OBM-8.T3.P2
cutting   one-sided two-sided
max length of carrots [mm] 310 280
width of conveyor belts [mm] 240 / 550 / 240 240 / 550 / 240
overall  length [mm] 7100 7100
overall width (including platforms) [mm] 2500 2500
no. of work stations [no. of staff] 12 8
max productivity [t/h] 5,0 3,0
installed capacity [kW] 2,2 3,3