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MB/MBL.WS | Brush Roll Barrel Washer

MB/MBL.WS | Brush Roll Barrel Washer


Ideal solution for farmers processing small amounts of root vegetables. Thanks to an additional active brush roll unit mounted in the barrel, the final effect of the washing process is comparable with the results produced by brushers/U-brush polishers. Another advantage of such a solution is that preliminary washing is not necessary.

The barrel is suspended and powered by V-belts. An adjustable gate between the barrel and the out-feed elevator allows the operator to control the washing time of the raw material. A standard barrel is made of perforated acid resistant sheet or acid resistant moulded slats (optional). Water sprinklers mounted in the barrel and above the out-feed elevator allow the raw product to be deep-washed or rinsed with fresh water.

Depending on the model, the working parameters of the barrel and the out-feed elevator can be regulated. The length of the out-feed elevator can be adjusted according to the requirements of your production line.

An active brush roll unit rotating in the opposite direction to the barrel thoroughly cleans and polishes the crop. The position of the brush roll unit in relation to the barrel is adjustable. The rotation speed of the brush roll unit can be regulated with an inverter (optional).


MB/MBL-  -815.WS -820.WS -825.WS -1030.WS
max productivity [t/h] 0,7 | 1,5 1,0 | 2,0 1,3 | 2,5 2,5 | 5,0
barrel (Ø|length) [mm] 800 | 1500 800 | 2000 800 | 2500 1000 | 3000
roll brush unit (Ø|length) [mm] 200 | 1000 200 | 1500 200 | 2000 200 | 2500
overall  length [mm] 3250 3750 4250 5200
water tank capacity (+/-30%) [m³] 0,9 1,0 1,1 1,5
installed capacity [kW] 2,45 2,85 2,85 3,55