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MBWL | Drumer With Stone Separator

MBWL | Drumer With Stone Separator



The machine has been designed for the purpose of washing root vegetables and potatoes, with simultaneous separation of stone and dirt.


Compact design and inclusion of a stone separator and a washer within a single machine, with large drum dimensions, provide the user with high efficiency of the system, with simultaneous achievement of perfect effects of washing. Application of a stone separator within the machine’s feed, besides separation of stones and dirt, guarantees increased efficiency of the system, comparable to a washer the drum of which is 20% larger. Another advantage provided by using a water-based stone separator is seen in minimization of the damage imposed on the raw material, as it is transfered directly into water.

The machine is operated automatically, all processes are controlled by a computer, controlled via a touch-screen. Using bar conveyors makes it possible for the raw vegetables and waste to be initially dried.

Fully enclosed structure of the machine ensures highest level of safety for the staff. Opening covers provide perfect access to the most important elements of the machine. The revolution speed of the drum and rate at which the conveyor is operated is adjusted via an inverter controlled through the touch screen. Stone conveyor speed is regulated with a variator.

The drum features a pipe-less sprinkler of original design, which eliminates foliage accumulation.

The bottom of the machine takes on a form of drainage funnels, with adjustable operating times. The sensor system applied controls the set water level.

Operating principle

The raw material is transferred directly to the main chamber of the stone separator, from where, thanks to the directional stream of water, it is then moved towards the drum chamber, where it is being washed. At the same time, stones and waste are transferred onto the waste conveyor. The washing process in the barrel may be carried out in submersed setting, with water freshly sprayed, and with the use of a combined method. Once the raw material is washed, through an adjustable aperture, it is transferred to a push-bar conveyor, over which a running water sprinkler is placed.  


  • Main Structure: S235JR / RAL7015 | Drum: INOX | Covers: Zinc-plated metal sheet
  • Local / Remote operation modes - options of embedding the system within a production line.
  • LEFT or RIGHT variant (direction for the waste conveyor and control panel access)

Additional equipment:

  • Wheels (for moving the machine on the hardened surface)
  • Additional frame which makes it possible to load the vegetables directly onto trailers


Type   MBWL-1215 MBWL-1230   MBWL-1240 MBWL-1250
Max. efficiency (potatoes/carrot) [t/h] 17 / 9   35 / 18  45 / 25 60 / 30
Drum (diameter/length) [mm] 1200 / 1500 1200 / 3000  1200 / 4000  1200 / 5000
Raw material conveyor belt width [mm] 600 900    900  900
Stone conveyor belt width [mm] 400  500   500  500
Dimensions (length/width/height): [mm] 3850 / 2500 / 3050 7950 / 3100 / 3070   8950 / 3100 / 3070  9950 / 3100 / 3070
water tank capacity [m³] 3,0 4,0 4,5 5,0
Installed power [kW] 8,1  10,75 11,75  11,75



MBWL-1250 (inox)