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MS-1000 | Substrate Agitator

Nursery Machinery


The working element of the MS-1000 Substrate Agitator consists of a set of steel push-bars mounted on special chains, which move in one direction during both agitation and discharge. The components can be charged at the top or at the back.

The machine features specially designed gear wheels that minimise the effect of chain skipping caused by peat accumulation on the chain links.

The MS-1000 Substrate Agitator is mounted on 2 inflatable wheels and 2 polyamide turning wheels. A sprinkler mounted above the working part is standard equipment.

Main features:

  • The machine is powered by a helical motoreducer - due to a high load of the power unit we use cylindrical gears which last about fifteen times longer than intersecting axis gears.
  • Safe operation and control (24V current, a set of limit switches)
  • Fresh water sprinkler mounted above the working part
  • Coating: epoxide ground coat + polyurethane lacquer

Available options:

  • The working speed is regulated by a frequency converter (inverter)
  • Available in left- or right-hand version (position of the control panel)

Required power supply:

  • Three-phase current, 5x32A socket (or different if required)
  • Fresh water supply (models with sprinkler)


model   MS-1000
max. capacity [mm] 1,2 m³
max. productivity [mm] 12,5 m³/h
overall length  [mm] 3000
overall width [mm] 1300
overall height [mm] 1920
charge height | discharge [mm] 780 | 1250
working width [mm] 1000
installed capacity            [kW] 3,0