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Production lines

Production lines


We design and produce complete production lines for post-harvest handling. Pro-Vega’s production lines are designed  in a consultative way to ensure that you are supplied with a long-term, innovative solution that meets all your requirements - a customised production line designed specifically for your production hall, including electrical connections, compressed air supply connections and a sewage system.

You are provided with a detailed quotation including all costs of the project. We will adapt our equipment to your present applications. We use Autocad software and 3D modelling software in all aspects of equipment layout and design.



Standards of manufacturing

Our machines are made of ordinary steel (the construction is sandblasted and painted with high hardness class industrial paint or powder coated), galvanized sheet or acid resistant steel.

We design and manufacture specialised machinery to meet the specific requirements of our customers, so you decide on the final design, equipment and any additional attachments. Our aim is to provide you with high-quality, tailor-made equipment for post-harvest processing and professional after-sales support that will give you peace of mind and ensure fast return on investment.