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ZSB | Buffer Hopper

ZSB | Buffer Hopper


The ZSB Buffer Hopper provides continuous supply of vegetables before packing. The buffer basket is mounted above the belt conveyor.  The lifted screen gap is easily adjustable.

Depending on its size, the hopper can work with an automated charging unit consisting of a charging conveyor(s) moving along a track, charging cascade and a set of sensors controlling the process of loading and unloading.

Main features:

  • Super-resistant, 3-plate belt conveyor
  • Anti-corrosion protection - sandblasted construction covered with an industrial coating
  • Left- or right-sided version (access to the working elements and electric control)

Available options:

  • Regulated working speed - motor variator or inverter
  • Stainless steel version


model   ZSB-1718T1 ZSB-1718T2 ZSB-2040T6
capacity [m³] 1,8 3,5 10,5
working width [mm] 500 500 500
output height [mm] 800 800 1000
inlet height [mm] 2000 2600 3400*
power installed [kW] 0,75 1,1 1,1