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SWG | Soil Extractor

SWG | Soil Extractor


The SWG Soil Extractor is designed for preliminary separation of dirt and other waste material. The working elements consist of rubber, star-shaped active rolls with fixed spacing. It is manufactured as a stand-alone machine or as an attachment to creep feed hoppers and dosing hoppers.

Additional options:

  • Regulated speed of the working elements (inverter/motor variator)
  • Conveyor transporting dirt to a pallet container

Main features:

  • Anti-corrosion protection - blasted construction covered with four layers of industrial coating
  • Left- or right-sided version (access to the working elements and electric control)


model   SWG-508 SWG-713
no. of rolls [pc] 5 7
working width [mm] 800 1300
installed capacity [kW] 0,55 0,75