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SWS / SWR | Soil Separator

SWS / SWR | Soil Separator


The SWS/SWR Soil Separator is designed for preliminary calibration and separation of round vegetables from dirt and other impurities. The working element consists of spring rolls (SWS) or smooth rolls (SWR) with adjustable spacing (15-50mm). It is manufactured as a stand-alone machine or as an attachment to creep feed hoppers and dosing hoppers.

Additional options:

  • Conveyor transporting dirt to a pallet container
  • SWG Clod Separator adapter
  • SWR Clod Separators are compatible with RBD Creep Feed Hoppers
  • Low power consumption

Main features:

  • Water consumption during the washing process can be reduced by 50%.
  • Further selection of small vegetables is not necessary
  • Anti-corrosion protection - sandblasted construction covered with four layers of industrial coating + two layers of bottom paint + two layers of topcoat paint
  • Left- or right-sided version (access to the working elements and electric control)
  • Customised working width and number of rolls


model   SWR(S)-508 SWR(S)-713
no. of rolls [szt] 5 7
working width [mm] 800 1300
installed capacity [kW] 0,6 0,84