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WDL | Stone Separator

WDL | Stone Separator


The WDL Stone Separator offers mechanical removal of stones using a whirlpool as the working medium. The produce cleaned of stones and clods of earth is transported for further processing on the main belt conveyor, while the waste material is taken away on the auxiliary belt.

The WDL Destoner is equipped with a central lubrication system - the steel rod conveyor is immersed in a pool and works on rolls mounted in bearing sets which are lubricated through coil pipes. Lubrication is provided from one point - an oil feeder mounted in a convenient place.

Automatic control of the machine is provided by a sensor and an electric deluge valve keeping water in the working chamber at the required level. Working cycle of the sluice valve is adjustable. An external source of compressed air is required.

Available options:

  • Left- or right-sided version (outlet direction of the auxiliary belt conveyor and location of the control panel)
  • Self-lubrication system (negative pressure lubrication) of all bearings
  • Additional sprinkler above the main belt conveyor
  • Adjustable rotation speed of the auxiliary belt conveyor
  • Customised supporting structure

Main features:

  • Central lubrication system of the rollers (or self-lubrication system)
  • Stainless steel conveyor shields
  • Easy access to the propeller chamber (enables easy cleaning off small stones)
  • Adjustable working speed of the propeller (inverter) and main belt conveyor (motor variator)
  • Central water supply system - one connection


model   WDL-20
max. productivity [t/h] 20
basin capacity [m³] 2,0
width of produce belt conveyor [mm] 900
waste material conveyor width [mm] 500
installed capacity [kW] 6,6