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MBZ | Drum Washer with mud remover

MBZ | Drum Washer with mud remover


The MBZ barrel washer is designed for washing potatoes and root vegetables for further processing. The barrel made of perforated acid resistant steel (different kinds of perforation are available) is suspended on and powered by V-belts. The raw material can be deep-washed or rinsed - efficient, directional rinse bars mounted outside the water tank can spray water over its entire length, which eliminates the need of installing a rinse pipe. The barrel chamber is separated from the out-feed elevator by an adjustable screen. The out-feed steel rod elevator with adjustable working angle and working speed features upper and bottom fresh water rinse bars.

A scraper belt conveyor mounted below the barrel provides a continuous removal of sediment from the base of the water tank. An adjustable barrel out-feed door are opened by a pneumatic cylinder (requires an external source of compressed air).

Automatic control - all working parameters can be set on a convenient touch screen (water level, out-feed door work frequency, barrel and belt conveyor working speed).

Available in left- or right-hand version (position of the washout doors and control panel).


model   MBZ-1240
max productivity (carrots|potatoes) [t/h] 12,0 | 25,0
barrel (Ø|length) [m] 1,2 | 4,0
overall length [mm] 8500
installed capacity [kW] 4,05